Friday, May 7, 2010

Personalized Golf Water Bottle Labels (Stickers)

This personalized wedding water bottle label was designed with golf enthusiasts in mind. With your choice of color palettes it can be personalized to emphasize the personal nature of your big day.
We are now using self-adhesive paper. As a result, they may withstand a limited amount of time in ice but not in water. What if you want to
place your personalized water bottle right in a tub of ice and they will not smear or come off! You simply lay each label over a clear packing tape and cut the end before you stick the label to the bottle. That will make them waterproof labels without adding too much extra to your budget!

What a fun and unexpected surprise when your guests reach for a bottle of ice cold water and see your personalized label right on the water bottle!
Personalized water bottles are great for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and fund raising event for school, church, charities, political events, and more.

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