Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY wedding bulletin by weddingstar

When you decide to put together your wedding program for your special wedding day, what will make it easier for you? A plain print paper or a stack of wedding bulletins - wedding program paper that have been designed to match your wedding theme ( beach, fairy tale, butterfly, love birds, cherry blossom, diamond ) and wedding colors by professional designers?
It's very easy to do with our personalized DIY Weddingstar wedding bulletins as your wedding program paper.
Step 1: Choose the style, design and color you like and order it online here.
Step 2: Use the free template, download vertical wedding bulletins or horizontal wedding bulletins according to the layout of the wedding bulletins (your wedding program paper) you get. For Cherry blossom wedding bulletin, choose vertical wedding bulletins.
Step 3: Type in the program information side by side on the Word template you just downloaded. Choose the font, color and size as you like. Line up the way you want and proof read them 2-3 times.
Step 4: Place the wedding bulletin/program paper on your computer printer ( test with a scratch paper first ).
Step 5: Click the Print button on the main menu, on the printing set up, choose Landscape ( the default setting is Portrait ). Press Print.
Step 6: Fold the wedding program paper you just printed from the top left corner to the top right corner. ( the front cover can be personalized with your names and date for free ).
Your printed wedding program - > Folded Front Cover and Back Cover

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