Saturday, November 6, 2010

Practical Purse Hook / Handbag Holder Favors

What woman hasn't struggled with the problem of where to park her purse at restaurants, meetings and other occasions? Sling it over the back of the chair? Too vulnerable. Keep it in your lap? Too awkward. Place it on the floor? Ewwww. Imagine how thrilled the guests at your bridal shower will be when they find you've chosen practical and unique favors for them! There are 3 styles as the following:


  1. You must have often experienced the nuisance of being forced to place your handbag on dirty surfaces like floors or tables at eateries. This is quite a pity because such places are the breeding ground of various forms of germs, bacteria and fungi. The end result? A dirty handbag, of course! Quite unnecessarily so, especially when there is a simple invention like the purse hook to rescue you from such petty troubles.
    purse hook

  2. You can try Luxe Link purse hooks They have cute and fashionable designs to choose from.

  3. I love these handbag holder! At least a useful accessory. Christian Dior does a beautiful one with Khabarovsk stones.. vet stylish. I got mine from the London designers My Bag Hanger



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