Monday, February 14, 2011

Contemporary Hearts Stationery Collection

This Contemporary Hearts Stationery Collection is bold and not for the faint of heart. Don't be afraid to express your heartfelt love and the excitement of your big day with this contemporary design.
Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding online orders for our personalized wedding invitations:
Is there a maximum number of lines available for the text?
Yes, there are a maximum number of lines available for the text for all designs. When
personalizing a wedding invitation card online, the fields that guide the entering of the personalizeddetails will indicate the perimeters, including line count and character count.
When customizing, is there a font list that is available for clients to choose from or is it only the font used in the sample that is available?
Currently, designs do not allow for font selection. Only the fonts shown on our online store are available at this time.
Are there set colors for the fonts or is there a swatch list to view? Can we have more than one color used in the text? (ie. the text in one and the names in another)
Currently, designs are available in only the font colors as shown here.
Approximately how long before the proof is emailed to us from when the wedding invitation order is placed? How long for changes if there are any and are they required to be sent by a particular date after the proof is sent?
Are we charged for additional changes after the initial change is sent? How much and is there a maximum number of changes allowed?
Our Stationery Designer will automatically send you one complimentary digital proof within 2 business days to the email address provided in your billing information. Approval of this proof will be required to allow your printing order to proceed. Should you require any changes to be made, please detail them in your response. Due to the high volume of orders we are unable to send a second proof if you have requested modifications, any changes will be applied as accurately as possible. Please note that changes can only be made to the personalization and not the invitation design.
If we have not heard from you after 7 business days, your order will be canceled and deleted from our system. Any revisions during the proof stage will delay the delivery date and may result in an additional customizing fee. Our Designer will indicate in advance, if the changes you have requested will be accessed this additional charge.
I still have a question about personalizing my stationery item?
If you still have an unanswered question about Weddingstar stationery, drop us a line at We will be happy to provide assistance.

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

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