Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miniature Classic Candy Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

This set of candy jar salt and pepper shakers with the holes in a heart design add some fun to the day. Fill them with salt and pepper or your favorite candies and send them home with your guests. The next time they add a little spice to their meal they'll think of you!
Add a small round sticker with diameter 1.5" (Large sticker will be too big) at this link to match your wedding color and theme:

You can also take the set of 2 jars out of the clear box and use them as a candy jar individually. Coordinate with each candy jar with a small round sticker at your choice here.

How many candies can each candy jar hold? Take a look at the Trail Mix with 1.7oz. Each candy jar can hold half of the 1.7oz Trail Mix bag. The set of candy jar salt and pepper shakers can hold one 1.7oz candy and nut mix.

You may put them at your wedding candy bar or wedding candy buffet table. You may fill in any other ingredients such as tea or coffee or almonds in each jar. After your guests finish the yummy food in the jar, they will reuse the jar to fill in salt or pepper for the kitchen. Here are the links for the candy jar and stickers:
Miniature Classic Candy Jar Salt and Pepper
Small Round Stickers - size 1.5" Diameter

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