Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Unity Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set

Wedding Unity Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set

 The heart unity sand ceremony is another way to make a sand ceremony even more meaningful. By adding a third vase you are able to add another symbolic element to this event. Incorporate your priest, child or have the third vase represent your shared spiritual beliefs. The engravable central bottle, with glass stopper, creates a beautiful reminder that will preserve the moment for years to come. 
This 6 piece set includes a heart shaped bottle with glass stopper, 2 large heart vases, 1 small heart vase and 1 metal display stand. Sand in your choice of color sold separately.

1 Heart Shaped Bottle with Glass Stopper
  7" H
2 Large Heart Vases
  9 3/4" H
1 Small Heart Vase
  8 1/2" H
1 Metal Stand
  4 1/2" H

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