Saturday, February 27, 2010

Romantic and Fun Beach Weddings

Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding on a soft sand beach next to the deep blue sea under a crystal blue sky with tinkling winds gently kissing your cheeks? Isn't it so romantic to have a beach wedding?
Let's have some fun hunting for beach themed wedding items. This Seaside Allure Wedding Collection has a band of embroidered seashells with starfish detail. You can match with a starfish cake topper or any of the many beach accessories and gift items. The Sand Ceremony fits perfectly into the beach wedding theme. The heart shaped sand ceremony vase set comes with the glass stopper which allows the heart vase to be sealed and transported home. Read our Unity Sand Ceremony blog here.
The following are some beach wedding ideas (click each image to view in detail).

After the sunset, it's time to light up candles and have fun festivities.

Here are some beach favor ideas.

More stylish beach wedding favor and decoration ideas:

Add some bride and groom beach accessories:

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  1. Beach weddings are undeniably special.
    The event leave everyone in awe. Mine was themed Weddings Koh Samui
    and until now it still brings meaningful happy tears tears...



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