Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Unity Sand Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony is known all over the world for its beauty and sanctity. The essence of the ceremony is to symbolize the union of "two into one". This sand ceremony is not only beautiful and interesting but also appropriate for an outdoor setting, such as beach wedding, mountain wedding, garden wedding, vineyard wedding, etc. where wind may blow off the unity candles.
Here is how it works:
Prior to the wedding ceremony, fill the two side vases with sand. Usually
the groom uses black sand and the bride carries white sand. You can select the color of sand similar to your wedding colors. You may consider engraving these vases with a single initial monogram.
Step 1: The groom will commerce by pouring a portion of the black sand into the central glass vase.

Step 2: The bride will follow by repeating step 1 with the white sand.
Step 3: To complete the ceremony, the groom and bride simultaneously pour the balance of their sand into the central container.

Step 4: Following the wedding, the two side vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central vase will remain a cherished and lasting keepsake of your wedding day.
A modified version of the unity sand ceremony is the family unity sand ceremony. It is a special way to honor your blended family and get your children invited to take part. You can add additional vases and contrasting colors of sand. The mixing of the various sand colors is a fitting way to symbolize the new blended family that will result from this union. You can pour the sand into the central vase in the following order: 1. Father 2. Mother 3. Children 4. Father and Mother together.
The Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set is a best deal as the engravable central bottle, with glass stopper, creates a beautiful reminder that will preserve the moment for years to come.
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