Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring / Garden Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for affordable and unique spring wedding ideas? These delightful hummingbirds are the perfect finishing touch for your table decor. You can perch them on the rim of your wine glasses or hang them from the ceiling or trees! You can use them as decor items, or write your guests names on them to transform them into incredible place cards.
Here is a review: I bought one lot of these to test as samples for our wedding place cards and they are much better than i expected! The quality is very good and the size is also great. The only issue is that they are a little fiddly to sit on the glasses, but worth doing because they are such a statement piece! Very happy with these and we will be ordering the rest to have on our wedding day!

Modern Decorative Birdcage with Birds in Flight

It is also a good idea to have this birdcage for the similar theme. This decorative birdcage is an incredible addition to your reception. It can be incorporated into a variety of themes including vintage and love bird. The birds in flight add whimsy to this already classy design. Use it as wishing well, or simply as an integral part of the decor. Made from metal, the birdcage is painted in a natural white.

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