Sunday, August 29, 2010

The South Beach Diet - Phase 2

Are you losing weight after two weeks of Phase 1 South Beach Diet? If you would like to lose more weight, you may stay on phase 1 longer than just 2 weeks. If you feel like moving to phase 2, you should add phase 2 foods slowly and gradually. Keep monitoring your weight every day during your transition from phase 1 to phase 2. In phase 2, you will start to reintroduce some fruits and some root vegetables that were off-limits during phase 1. You can even include whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice back into your diet. Click here to see the selection of foods in phase 2. Click here to view our blog on phase 1.
How do you feel when you are in South Beach Diet? Do you feel your cravings for food have subsided? Share your experience with us.
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