Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Letter Wedding Ceremony Box Set by Weddingstar

Do you like this old style idea in this modern digital world? Your lovingly hand written love letter is sealed and locked away for years to come. Watch this video to see if this kind of love letter wedding ceremony will fit your style and personality.

This love letter ceremony box set includes: two exclusively designed love letter stationary sets including how to use it and the love letter ceremony example wording plus the draft sheets and brainstorming ideas, signature tag for wine bottle, two wine goblets ( one is engraved as I do and the other as I do too ), walnut veneer wine box with lock, two keys with one signature tag. The wine bottle is NOT included. You can select and buy one wine bottle that you both like the most in your local super market.
What to do:
1. Prior to the wedding day, compose your letter to your partner. Use the suggestions and practice sheets included in the set, to craft the ultimate love letter. Prepare a final version using your best penmanship and seal the letter closed. Do not share the contents of this letter with your beloved.
2. Present both completed and sealed love letters to the officiant. Together with your officiant and witnessed by the guests in attendance, perform the ceremonial "Locking of the Box". This will symbolize the commitment you are making to each other from this day forward.
3. Following the wedding, display this decorative box in your home. Be sure to not misplace the key so that you can unlock and enjoy the contents at the agreed upon time such as fifth or tenth anniversary. Once the box has been unlocked and the contents enjoyed, write new letters, replace the wine and lock away for the next special occasion.
As it is an old style idea, the lock is not the same as what we use today in the year of 2010. Try to put your shoes as what people in the old days used to lock and unlock a treasure box. It may take a little practice to figure it out. You push down the lid and put the key into the locker. Turn the key counter-clock wise, you will hear a little click. Your box is locked and sealed! To open the box, you turn the key clock wise.
You can attach the key to the box as the picture shows. Or you can select a safe place to save this key. Simply...don't lose the key!

Words of Advice:
1. Make an effort to write legibly.
2. Take time to jot down ideas as many as you can. Use the mind map in the stationary set to guide you.
3. Gather your thoughts over a reasonable period of time. Do not leave this for the last minute.
4. Write a meaningful letter which clearly expresses your feelings and emotions about your relationship with your loved one!

Are you interested in this love letter ceremony box set? Click here to purchase one. You can personalize the love letter ceremony box set too.
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